Your introduction to a working process which encompasses the creative, social, economic and practical. It involves collage, sharpies and spreadsheets. Words and images. People, spaces and interactions. It works with schools, galleries, communities, commercial businesses and non-profit organisations. It participates in design and delivery of education, training and professional development workshops for all ages. It has led the creation of artworks for public places through a process of public consultation and community engagement. It has tangled with theatre production and events.

It likes to meet people where they are and find them wherever they go. It listens, thinks, watches and learns. It involves playing with ideas and experimenting with process. Thinking and planning, reflecting, documenting, constructing. Research, reading, interpreting and re-interpreting, reflecting and connecting ideas. It seeks projects and collaborations. Travels and conversations.

It embraces collaboration, and goes about its business in the spirit of curiosity, adventure and serious play.

Coming soon: Some projects, artwork and ideas that have emerged out of the studio.